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Guests are invited to relax, rejuvenate and achieve natural balance of the body through exercise, swimming and bathing in the hot spring; or to simply pick up a book, bask in the sun..

The fitness center provides multi-purpose training stations, including aerobic exercise, flywheel stations and weight-lifting equipment. Professional trainers will be available to help strengthening and conditioning core muscles.

There are three hot spring baths with various temperatures from (36~42 degrees Celsius). Guests are invited to bathe in the warmth and relieve the stress, while also utilizing SPA water streams for a full-body massage to achieve complete relaxation.
(For hygienic reasons please wear swimsuit and swim cap when in the pool.)

The outdoor swimming pool is 15m in length, 7.5m in width and 1.2m in depth. By day, guests can swim under the beautiful sky, with an endless view of green fields on the horizon. By night, guests can enjoy swimming under the moon, blanketed with a starry sky. There is also a kid’s pool that is 45cm in depth, with a miniature slide that looks like a whale rising above the ocean. This will definitely be a hit with the little ones.
(For hygienic reasons please wear swimsuit and swim cap when in the pool.)


Opening Hours: 07:00 AM-10:00 PM

*In House Guests--Free / Please wear swimsuits before entering hot spring area (please wear swim cap for pool area)

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