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PLAY GROUND-Recreation Area

Recreation Area

The name “樂未央” is taken from the popular auspicious phrase in Han dynasty, ” 長樂未央”, which means “joy ever after”.

【PLAY GROUND】Employs grass turf to connect the indoor- outdoor environment, to create a joyous and natural wonderland for both adults and children.

【MU TRAIN】A new mini train will take the children on a 5-minute train journey, let's go!

【Video Game Room】It’s free for room guests, playing the PS4 racing simulator and Switch , enjoy the fun and laughter.

In order to enrich the guest's accommodation experience, new and diverse interesting facilities will be added to the outdoor area, including children's golf, baseball nine-square grid, basketball nine-square grid, archery, swing chairs and other amusement equipment.


【PLAY GROUND】Operating Hours: 07:00 AM-10:00 PM
※Please take off shoes before entering the playground. Adults are required to wear socks and children are required to take off socks.
※In-House Guests--Free; the entry fee is offered at TWD500 per person for non-hotel guests. (Children under 12 years old are TWD500, including 1 accompanying parent for free. Additional 1 adult or 1 child will be charged TWD200 per person). In addition, you can enjoy TWD400 per person with the restaurant consumption receipt of the day (TWD400 for children under 12 years old, including 1 accompanying parent for free.) This price is only applicable to the 【PLAY GROUND】, excluding the 【Video Game Room】and children's racing car.
※Free for kids under the age of 1 year.
※For safety reasons, parents must be present at all times.

【MU TRAIN】02:00PM-05:00PM
※There is a train every 10 minutes
※The last queue time is 04:50PM
※Applicable for children weighing less than 25kg.
※The train track is only for guests, and the experience time is 5 minutes per room. In case of peak hours, please wait patiently in line on site.
※In order to provide a safe play space, do not bring private children's electric cars, walkers, scooters, etc.

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