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Golf simulator

MU JIAO XI HOTEL spent millions to introduce a new golf simulator. It has a nearly 300-inch large screen drawn by an ultra-high-resolution 3D graphics engine. Analysis and other corrective actions make it easy to improve your golf skills and play an 18-hole course. There is also match play, close-to-pin, long drive, or driving range modes to choose from. We offer you the most comfortable space to enjoy a round of golf!

We now offer "1-Hour Unlimited Play Coupons" at TWD6800. You can get ten extra coupons for free if you buy ten coupons on the spot. Enjoy endless rounds of golf to enhance your vacation experience!

※Opening hours: 10:00-23:00 daily
※Activity location: MU BAR on the 1st floor of the hotel
※Charging method: Charged by hours, (30 minutes TWD400/1 hour TWD680/2 hours TWD1,200/18 holes per person TWD880)
※"1-Hour Unlimited Play Coupon": TWD6800 per ticket, and buy ten extra coupons to get ten free coupons.
※"18-Hole Unlimited Ticket": TWD8800 per ticket, and buy ten extra tickets to get ten free tickets.

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